Friday, August 24, 2012

{Swap Sketch} - August 2012

We didn't have as many swappers, only 9 this time (maybe due to the mid-week scheduling?), but that didn't stop us from sharing some really great treats.

Here's a run-down of what was featured:
  • Jalapeno Cornbread Mini Loaves
  • Jalapeno Jelly
  • Bags of fresh produce
  • Farm-fresh eggs
  • Sunday Morning Birdseed Pancake Mix
  • Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
  • Jersey Tomato Cake
  • Chocolate Cherry Pound Cake
  • Raisinette Pecan Cookies
  • Souper Veggie Stock
  • Fresh NJ Chunky Salsa
  • Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
  • Rhubarb Boozy
  • Homemade Lara Bars (3 varieties)
  • Rustic Spice Rubs
  • Produce Cleaner
  • Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
  • Tomato Magnets
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Tomato Basil Flax Snacks
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Fresh Herbs
  • and, tons of fresh produce!

And let's not forget Connie's Watermelon Keg!

Check out the South Jersey Swappers Facebook page for more photos!

Our next event will be Friday September 21st, 7-9PM, at the Bellview Winery (outside and kid-friendly).

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  1. i'm excited for the next swap! i'm bringing fruit wrap-ups and crocheted apple cozies. i hope connie comes - i need some eggs!=)